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Divas Fair Trade - Our Products - Our commitment to Fair Trade

Every product has a story.

If you listen close enough, it will tell you of the hands that held it and crafted it with care. Every stitch, bead, carve, stamp, weave, cut, or fold represents a moment in time. Every detail is a moment in time an artisan spent dedicated to her craft, concentrating on guiding her hand just so to create a product that you can come to use and love.


Fair trade products celebrate the cultural diversity of communities around the world. Often, artisans use centuries-old techniques passed down from previous generations. Fair trade artisans often incorporate traditional craft methods into stylish, unique products that protect their cultural heritage and allow you to enjoy the skill and beauty of their craft.


Fair trade promotes the use of reused, reclaimed and recycled materials. This helps conserve, preserve and cultivate the environment so that resources are available for future generations.


When women earn a fair wage, they can support their families, but they also gain respect and confidence. Their families grow stronger and they reinvest in the future, becoming leaders in their community.


Many fair trade brands go above and beyond simply paying a fair wage to artisans. They invest in the lives of each artisan in a holistic way that encompasses a mutual respect for their well-being, safety and livelihood. For some brands, part of this is fighting human trafficking by providing alternative employment under safe working conditions.


Kids should have the right to feel safe, go to school and play. Fair trade respects the local laws and customs of producer groups. Often, this allows women to work at home to stay with their children or childcare services are provided on site.

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