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Fair Trade is more than just trading. It offer a road towards greater justice. It highlights the need for change and provides a path forward.

We know that you are here for a very similar reason that wakes up every day to thread the needle forward to continue reimagining how business shape a world where artisans, workers, and farmers from around the world get paid a fair price for their goods, women thrive, children are protected, and the environment is prioritized – where all of the people behind the products can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods.

Fair Trade provides the principles that guide us towards greater justice in world trade. It highlights the need for change in the rules of practice of conventional trade and shows how successful businesses can also put people first.

We know that is a very steep aspiration. We know it is possible, that’s why we are determined to continue what we call the fair trade journey. A journey where we need to roll our sleeves up to work on educating the local communities about the importance of supporting businesses that see beyond profit and consider other factors such as environmental impact, working people’s conditions, child slavery laws, and more.

With Fair Trade you have the opportunity to change the world every day and choose the world you want. Choose sustainability, choose women, choose farming with care, choose wildlife thriving, choose empowerment and opportunity, choose fairer pay for all – choose Fair Trade.

It takes the whole community to foster change. It takes collaboration and reaching out to the private and public sectors. It’s about educating our legislators and putting our dollars where our beliefs are. It’s in our hands and in your hands.

Let’s partner together to create the world we envision a reality for us and for future generations to enjoy and treasure!

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