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Applique Sling Bags Elephant





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Applique Sling Bags Elephant 100% Cotton.

Completely handmade in Nepal. make it a great complement to any outfit.

A fun cross shoulder sling bag. Medium weight is woven cotton with hand sewn appliques including an elephant and floral figures.
Shoulder strap and back of the bag are the same woven army green fabric or black. Bag and strap feature thin black cotton lining.
One zippered interior pocket. Bag zips shut and has a round wooden button and fabric loop center fastening.

Measures 16″ wide x 14″ long and 4″ deep. The shoulder strap is 3.75″ wide at top widening to 8″ at the bottom for a soft comfortable fit. The overall total length of the bag is 39″.

Applique Sling Bags Elephant Handmade by women from Nepal.

There are many other groups that we are working with more and more.  Sophie Vasu makes many of our high-end hemp handbags.  Her father had a clothing manufacturing business and she understands good design and knows what good quality looks and feels like.

There is a group led by Mrs. Rada Devkota that does all hemp crocheted work, such as hats, handbags, and slippers.  Crocheted hemp is one of the hardest products to get right and over time we’ve made tremendous improvements in quality and consistency.

There is another group, led by Mr. Krishna Tuladhar that does all machine woven hemp work.  He has two machine looms and is able to weave things like belts, key chains, handbags handles, and pet leashes.  We have other groups that do just felted wool and some that do just handbags made with the material, such as crewel work, from Kashmir.


Green Olive, Black


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