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Chess Set Peru, Incas Vs Spanish Conquerors




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This is a traditional Peruvian take on the classic chess game.  The board is made of wood that is then handpainted with ancient Andean patterns and the pieces are molded clay, handpainted to feature the proud and mighty Incas facing off against the army of the Spanish conquistadores.

  • Colors and designs vary
  • Small (8″ x 8″ ) approx.
  • Large (10.25″ x 10.25″) approx.

Chess Set Peru Hand Painted wooden 10.25″ approx, square board with pre-Columbian icon patterns closes and folds into a box to stash away all 32 pieces of Incas and Conquerors (Spaniards) made of fired clay and also carefully painted by Peruvian artisan, Masterfully created this collector’s set shows in detail horses and llamas, castles and rock fortresses, armored soldiers and shielded warriors. The King and Queen of Spain and the Inca emperor and his Nusta the Empress. The ultimate board game in handmade perfection.

  • Colors and designs vary

Makes a great gift.

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Chess Set Size

Small 8" x 8", Large 10" x 10"


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